Vibrant & talented singer/songwriter ONEROZ3 spent her youth dreaming of a career as a professional musician while she grew up in San Diego, CA. Originally Being Born in St Louis Missouri, eventually she moved back where her interests in music and dreams of performing began to take hold of her like never before.  

Naturally a writer to express herself, she wrote poetry by the age ten. Quickly after, she became inspired by many artist which led her to start singing her words and turning them into actual songs. Soon discovering She had a gift in her voice. 

Writing poems transitioned into writing music as she grew up. She took piano-lessons and performed in the choir as she refined her talents throughout high-school and used her music as a genuine means to communicate and express herself.  

Discovering that her words and her music were able to resonate with other people, her following began to expand quickly through fans identifying and connecting to the real-life experiences, moods and atmospheres in her songs.  

The dynamics of her voice, her powerful emotions and smart instincts for melody, mood and vibe have all found their way connect to a wide-audience of enthusiastic music-lovers.